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:: Buy Sell Bandwidth ::

Name Your Price for High-Capacity Global Bandwidth

If you don't ask,
you don't get

Introducing a negotiating platform for bandwidth in any country in the world. Give us an opportunity to negotiate the best prices for you. Let us know how much you are willing to pay. You will be surprised at some of the deals we have done.

Multiple Carriers Compete

Let multiple carriers compete for your business. We will present your requirements to at least 3 carriers most likely to give major discounts. If you have a detailed RFQ, that will help us get the best deal.

The World is our Oyster

Whether you are looking for a private line from the US to Korea or an MPLS network spanning 5 continents or just Internet Access in Germany, we can help you get the lowest prices.

*  What kind of bandwidth do you need?


*  Which countries do you need bandwidth in?

*  How much bandwidth do you need?

Name your price for the bandwidth you intend to buy/lease


   You can be aggressive but realistic if you want to close the deal

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